Vanaprastha International School

School with a difference
Yes, we are a school with a radical difference.  We study the potential of each child and try to accompany the child in his/her studies and formation. We have a peaceful approach. To each one, we have a separate and unique mode of being available. Our presence and capacity to accompany the students, has shown great result.

Belonging to Vanaprastha Family is a matter of pride. Understanding living the Vanaprastha tradition is unique in as much as there is room for understanding and living together. We teach the art of living in its simplest form of mutual respect, care and love. We teach the art of “forgiveness” and love in order to create a livable society. We let the children experience the essence of true education.

Bambi Home Hostel
Since we are motivated to bring standard education to the village lot, we thought it better to unite “living together” to our effort of educating.

The facility we provide is not really a hostel facility, but a homely atmosphere.

Here, children are taught to do yoga and meditation, children are taken care by a special medical team. Children are followed by trained and dedicated personnel. Children are given special training in the art “cultivation” and sports.