Vanaprastha International School

Shanti Om! Welcome to VIS website
VIS was founded in 2005 with definite aims and objectives. It is run by Vanaprastha Educational Trust. The School, situated at Mugulapalli, Tamil Nadu. It has all the facilities of a modern school to educate the children around us. It has a graceful and free atmosphere. The school maintains a very high standard of discipline and quality education while giving special attention to physical, mental, moral and spiritual development. Vanaprastha International School is recognized and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (AFFILIATION No. 1930256).

VIS at a Glance
In our villages, you do not find educational institutions, except for the elementary schools run by the State Governments. These schools are not well organized and therefore does not meet the scope of educating village children. The desire to start a simple school that is totally different from the normal schools began when we have seen that our village schools do not function properly.
Presenting Shantimarga
Here at vis we ve a different, unique and universal lifestyle. Irrespective of our religious belonging, we follow a lifestyle of love and peace.