Vanaprastha International School

About Us
VIS stands for Shantimarga. For forming the children in the path of love and peace. We inculcate in children the qualities of Truth, Goodness and Peace. We stand to develop the spiritual practices of each child through the practice of yoga and meditation that it can become the foundation of a peaceful life of coexistence.
  • We maintain high standard of education
  • Individual attention and care. “to each according to his/her need”
  • Inculcating “gurukula” values of education
  • Presenting an innovative, creative and unique style of educating. “we school with a difference”
  • Personality development through extracurricular activities
  • Creating better citizens and responsible leaders through constant training
  • Developing a sense of civic, social and moral responsibility

Presenting VIS
Vanaprastha is all about you. You and you alone. Of your journey. Of the people you may travel with. Of you being at the centre of attention and life.

VIS has a recent story. It was the time, rural India showed the signs of growth and progress. It was the time when our youth felt that they need to be more conscious of their duties and rights. It was in 1999 when I first thought of the idea of starting a school. Starting a school with a difference. A standard school for the children of the villages around us. And not for the children of the so called porsche people who think that standard and value of education depends upon the fees and donation collected by the respective schools.

When I saw that government schools around us are managed miserably, when I saw that village schools become storehouse of grains (mainly ragi) and when I saw that four teachers have to manage more or less 300 children, I thought that it is important to provide right education to the children of the poor farmers. Right to standard education is equal to all. Education should not be denied to a child for the mere fact of not having enough money to pay or that his or her parents are poor farmers. I know schools that hesitate to admit children just because their parents are illiterate and are farmers. Our great farmers are not second class citizens. If they do not work hard, if they do not plant, if they do not toil and moil, we may not eat rich vegetables at a cheaper price (otherwise, our government may have to import it from America and China and may cost more).

I approached the head of my village who in turn promised me to find a suitable land to start a school. For two years, nothing happened. Then, I understood that he is not interested in educating the children of his village that he and his family can continue to rule/govern his village. I started to search elsewhere and I reached Mugulapalli village. I had a hard time to get permission from the panchyath authorities. But then, each challenge was a milestone. Frankly speaking, I do not know from where I found courage to come through all the difficulties. When I look back, I feel that it was all a miracle. God guided me through and through. And thanks to God. One life is not enough to thank Him. My life is a hymn of gratitude to the Almighty for His wonders.

We began the construction of the school in the year 2003 and we could construct the basement area in the year 2005 and informally we started the school. Then, year by year, we could complete the construction of the school. The school can contain at least 1500 children. It is equipped with standard labs, library and all other facilities needed.

Vision : To heal to humanize

Man, by nature is spiritual and his life is visualized as a spiritual journey. It is a journey together. The scope of this journey is to make man more human that he may live his divine dimension of existence meaningfully. Education, therefore, is to make man human, to heal man from his physical, mental and spiritual infirmities and to erradicate his ignorance. To be human, we need to be touched and healed and imparting of vidya is seen as a spiritual exercise (isabhakti paramjnanam - Love of God is supreme wisdom) in the temple of education where students are cared as gods to awaken the human-divine within. A tecaher, therefore, is a guru, a physicians; an artist, an architect, a painter, a father/mother, guide and friend to the student.
Education can cause a silent inner revolution of self-realization. Therefore: In this temple of education we care for the students as our God

Mission Statement
Vanaprastha is began with a special motive to bring changes in the personal life-style of people through the practice of spiritual values and spiritual disciplines. Practice of yoga and meditation is seen as an effective way to bring physical, mental and spiritual changes in man. If we teach yoga and meditation to children, they would really form a new generation where there is peace and harmony (shantimarga). Therefore we have given importance to the education of children, especially children of the rural areas that they be instrumental in shaping a peaceful, integral and corruption free country. Therefore: 1. Building up of shantimarga groups and a Task Force in each class to cultivate tolerance, co-existence and harmony among students irrespective of their religious, gender, caste and color difference. 2. Conducting satsang once a month organized by students 3. Exercise of Mantra repetition for a minute during class hours. 4. Taking concrete steps towards making of a "Swachh", "Green" and a "plastic free" Vanaprastha.