Vanaprastha International School

VIS at a Glance
In our villages, you do not find educational institutions, except for the elementary schools run by the State Governments.  These schools are not well organized and therefore does not meet the scope of educating village children. The desire to start a simple school that is totally different from the normal schools began when we have seen that our village schools do not function properly. Most often village schools are utilized for other purposes. Often the village school is the meeting point of political groups and other village functions. In many of the schools there is a notable lack of prepared and dedicated teachers. Often children are left alone and so children of 12 and 13, does not know how to read and write. Surprisingly, in India, all the standard schools are found only in the cities. Village children are left to their fate of a poor education. Just being poor does not mean that our children do not have the right of education. Being born in the villages does not mean that a child is not intelligent.

In 2003 we have acquired 16.15 acres of land at Mugulappalli village after an extensive search of two years for a suitable place for our School. Mr. Silvano Pedrollo of Pedrollo SPA promised us the fund to build the school. Architect Anna Cilia did the project work. And on June 6th in 2005, when the basement was constructed, we began our School with a small inaugural function officiated by Mr. Joseph Gomes of Pedrollo SPA. We educate 900 village children now.
To our students, we provide standard, quality and innovative education.

We offer
  • an innovative combination of the age-old gurukula system and scientifically designed modern education.
  • an exciting educational experience designed to create, innovate and discover life to each student.
  • an holistic approach towards education for the transformation of the personality of the students.
  • ample opportunities to evolve spiritual thinking, to imbibe a sense of social responsibility and to inculcate ethical principles.
  • staff dedicated to academic, social, personal, emotional and cultural pursuits.
  • an on-going process of developments to further enhance the outdoor learning environment, and our science and computer labs.

To meet our high standards and to fulfill our offers, our education is life-oriented and not simply curriculum- or job-oriented. Consequently, every student is personally followed and assisted to live a better school life and to enjoy the days of being a student. Special and personal attention is given:
  • to nurture dreams,
  • to follow life goals,
  • for character formation, and
  • to inculcate social developmental skills.

Therefore, we are not only following the curriculum but additionally we are teaching:
  • yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques,
  • crisis management,
  • to socialize and to cultivate friendship,
  • sports, music, dance and arts,
  • agriculture (art of cultivating) and home science (art of cooking).

We are convinced that the products of Vanaprastha International School will be truthful, sincere, successful, disciplined spiritual personalities for a better world.
If you want to walk with us towards a better future through education, please let us know.