Vanaprastha International School

Presenting Shantimarga
Here at vis we ve a different, unique and universal lifestyle. Irrespective of our religious belonging, we follow a lifestyle of love and peace.

Shantimarga Spirituality
India is a spiritual country and every family follow their own spiritual life, proposed by the religion to which they belong. Spiritual life is essential for the Indians and it is expressed in all walks and in every moment of life.

At our Children’s Home and at our School, we live together with children of different religions. Therefore we teach the sacred scriptures of all religions but do not teach a particular religion in our school. We have a meditation room wherein all the sacred scriptures are available together with an empty notebook and a pen (if in case, a child wants to compose its own sacred scripture). Without hurting any religious belonging, we offer the people surrounding us simple universal prayers and a spiritual tradition, which we call Shantimarga. We believe that praying, practicing yoga and meditation are important tools to overcome obstacles in life. And the knowledge about different sacred scriptures and a universal spiritual practice can help a child to develop his or her own spiritual profile.

consists of following a peaceful life wherein one is invited to love everyone and to let others live in peace. Shantimarga does not belong to any religion. People of every religion are invited to live a peaceful life. Man by nature is spiritual, because he/she is born as a spiritual being. Therefore every person has spiritual potentials and can develop a spiritual profile in order to live a simple but deep rooted life. Many do not know anymore that they are spiritual and do not dare to develop their own spiritual centre.

At Vanaprastha, we walk with each person to help to live their own spirituality. When one is able to find oneself, when one is able to accept oneself, then there is harmony. Everyone is born out of love, everyone is born to love, only to love. Everything passes, and only love remains. Love is Nature. And we represent the Nature.
Shanti Om is our greeting. We greet each other everywhere and at anytime saying “Shanti Om”. Shanti means Peace and Love and is represented in our symbol by a dove. Om is the universal sound (sabda theory), the Word made flesh (Logos). More details on the meaning of Om you can find in the Vanaprastha meaning section.

The expression “Om Shanti Om” is used at Vanaprastha as a universal prayer. We teach our children to repeat this prayer as they breathe in and breathe out.